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Sexual offenses are some of the most complex and damaging charges someone can face. Penalties are severe and may include the obvious – prison time, fines, and having to register as a sex offender. But sex crime allegations also include unexpected consequences – loss of employment, distrust, or being ostracized in your community.

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Sex crimes in Cincinnati are complicated and sensitive situations for all involved. There are highly specialized local task forces and prosecutors dedicated to pursuing sex crimes in Hamilton County and the penalties are severe. if you are accused, it’s best to have someone on your side who can review the evidence and fight to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Regardless of what happened, it is understandable to be concerned. A Cincinnati defense lawyer can help protect your rights and set the record straight. Attorney Brad Groene has extensive experience in cases involving sexual allegations and a track record of success in and around Cincinnati.

As a top-rated and dedicated sex crime lawyer in Hamilton County, attorney Groene knows the local courts and will work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome. This could mean the difference between prison time, avoiding formal charges, or a complete dismissal of the charges.

Ohio Sex Crimes

Various criminal sexual offenses and important definitions are outlined in the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 2907. It is important to keep in mind that while many sex crimes involve violent acts committed by strangers, allegations could also come from someone you know well. This includes significant others, co-workers, friends, and relatives.

Cincinatti Sex Crime Investigations

The emotions connected with these offenses make things very complex, but the penalties are very real. In fact, the Cincinnati police have specific sex crime investigation procedures. This illustrates how aggressively sex crimes are pursued in Hamilton County, and what the accused has to be aware of, especially early in the process.

When people find themself accused of a sex crime, they often feel like they can explain the situation themselves. However, this is almost always a mistake. The police and prosecutors usually have special training when it comes to interviewing suspects, and anything you say can be used against you. Even innocent statements could come back to haunt you and certain details you provide can make things a lot worse.

So no matter the accusation or situation, if you are contacted by the police regarding a Cincinnati sex crime – calmly and politely ask to speak with a lawyer before answering any questions. An attorney will be in a much better position to know what officers can and can’t ask you, how to provide relevant information that benefits you and ensure your rights are respected.

Cincinnati Sex Crimes & How A Lawyer Can Help


Rape is one of the most serious crimes that you can face in Ohio. Specifically, rape is when someone participates in any sexual conduct or behavior that is against another’s will through the use of violence, fear, duress or danger. Rape is a non-consensual act of sex, meaning that if the victim is unconscious or mentally impaired and unable to give their consent to the act being performed, they can claim that they were raped. Rape is considered a felony and carries devastating penalties if you are convicted. An experienced sex crime lawyer will review the facts, try to disprove that you acted without consent, and demonstrate that there was no use of force.

Sexual Battery

Sexual battery refers to when someone touches another against their will if certain circumstances apply. Sexual battery is a felony and requires a thorough investigation from a skilled attorney. By interviewing witnesses and clearing up confusion, you may avoid formal charges.

Gross Sexual Imposition

Gross sexual imposition is when someone engages in sexual contact with another person and that contact is against his or her will. Oftentimes the victim involved is impaired from alcohol or drugs. Gross sexual imposition is not treated lightly in the court system and carries significant jail time. A lawyer can evaluate the specifics, deal with law enforcement, and ensure your rights are protected.

Sex Offenses Against Minors

In Cincinnati, sex crime allegations against minors often stem from very complicated and emotional situations. If convicted, you will face unforgiving penalties that will impact every aspect of your life. This includes prison, sex offender registration, difficulty finding work, and keeping custody of your children. A lawyer will make sure you are not railroaded by false accusations, protect you from the harshest penalties, and fight to keep you off the registry.

Prostitution and Soliciting

Prostitution and soliciting are illegal in Ohio, and if you are convicted you will likely face time in custody, fines, and possible sex offender registration, and embarrassing diversion programs. By working with the best sex crime lawyer available, you can limit your exposure, deal with charges discretely, and protect your reputation along with your record.

Sex Crime Defense Options & Resources

Being accused of a sexual offense is definitely serious, but convictions are not guaranteed. A Hamilton County Prosecutor must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a difficult burden to meet, and your attorney will be there to limit or exclude improper evidence, make arguments on your behalf, and execute a defense plan aimed at securing the best possible outcome.

Various legal defenses are available in sex crime cases, depending on the specifics. Some of the most common defense that a skilled Cincinnati sex crime attorney may use are:

  • The charges are based on false accusations
  • You are the victim of mistaken identity
  • The alleged sex act was consensual
  • There is insufficient evidence that you committed a sex crime
  • The charges are based on unreliable witness statements

Cincinnati Sex Crime Resources

Attorney Bread Groene knows what you are going through if you’ve been accused, charged, or investigated for a sex crime in Cincinnati or anywhere in Southwestern Ohio or Northern Kentucky. The following list of resources may help guide you and provide some insight into what comes next.

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Sex-related criminal charges can be overwhelming. You are probably worried about your freedom and have a lot of questions. You can rest assured because an experienced Cincinnati defense lawyer with LHA is here for you.

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