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Cincinnati Sex Crime Lawyers

In Ohio and across the United States, sex offenses are some of the most complex. You face serious consequences if you’re accused, let alone convicted. Penalties if convicted may include the obvious – prison time, substantial fines, and having to register as a sex offender, but they may also include ones that aren’t so obvious – potential loss of employment, marital or familial distrust, or being ostracized in your community. Sex offenses often tend to be complicated and sensitive situations for all parties involved, and it’s best to have someone on your side who can help review the evidence and fight to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Regardless of what happened in your case, it is understandable that you are probably concerned about the future and what a sex offense charge may mean. An experienced Cincinnati criminal lawyer can work to defend your rights. Brad Groene has been handling these types of cases in the greater Cincinnati area for years, and he will work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. This could mean the difference between serving less prison time to a complete dismissal of the charges altogether.

Criminal Law Information Related to Cincinnati Sex Crime

  • Rape — Rape is one of the most serious criminal charges that you can face in Ohio. Rape cases are complex and sensitive, emotionally trying situations for all parties involved. Generally, rape is when someone participates in any kind of sexual conduct or behavior that is against another person’s will through the use of violence, fear, duress or danger. Rape is a non-consensual act of sex, meaning that if the victim is unconscious or mentally impaired and unable to give their consent to the act being performed, they can claim that they were raped. A rape conviction is considered a felony in Ohio and carries devastating, life altering penalties and consequences as a result.
  • Sexual Battery — Sexual battery is a serious criminal offense in Ohio that carries harsh penalties and consequences if convicted. Generally, sexual battery is when someone touches another individual that is not their spouse against their will, if certain circumstances apply. Sexual battery is considered a felony in Ohio. If you are convicted of sexual battery, you will face an extensive prison sentence as well as enormous fines and fees.
  • Gross Sexual Imposition — Gross sexual imposition is a serious criminal charge in Ohio that typically involves complicated and sensitive circumstances. Generally, gross sexual imposition is when someone engages in sexual contact with another person and that contact is against his or her will. Oftentimes the victim involved is impaired from alcohol or drugs. Gross sexual imposition is not treated lightly in the court system and carries significant jail time in addition to fines and fees.
  • Sex Offenses Against Minors — Sex offenses against minors are often the result of very complicated and emotional situations. If you are convicted for any kind of sex offense against a minor in Ohio, you will face harsh and unforgiving penalties and consequences that will have a deleterious impact on all areas of your life. A conviction for any sex offense against a minor will result in having to register as a sex offender, difficulty keeping or finding employment, and keeping custody of your children.
  • Prostitution and Soliciting — Prostitution and soliciting offenses are illegal in Ohio, however, they are permitted in other states. If you are convicted of prostitution or soliciting, you will face harsh penalties and consequences that will forever impact the rest of your life. You will likely face extensive prison time, exorbitant fines and fees and potentially having to register as a sex offender. People are often quick to judge individuals who are convicted of prostitution and soliciting offenses, so you may also face a damaged reputation in your community.

Facing a Cincinnati Sex Crime Charge? Call Attorney Brad Groene.

Sex-related criminal charges can be overwhelming. You are probably worried about your freedoms and privileges being at stake and have a lot of questions. You can rest assured, because the Cincinnati criminal defense lawyers with LHA are here for you. Get the justice that you deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact Cincinnati sex crime lawyer Brad Groene today at or email us at advice@cincinnaticriminalattorney.com.
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