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Alcohol Related Crimes Lawyer

If you are convicted of an alcohol offense in Ohio, you will face harsh penalties and consequences that will have a negative impact on your life. Depending on the charge and the facts of your case, at a minimum, you may face a minor misdemeanor, which entails only paying a fine. However, you may be looking at a conviction that could lead to incarceration and huge fines.

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The following sections detail more information regarding specific alcohol offenses:

  • Underage Alcohol Offenses – Underage alcohol offenses are defined according to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC 4209.69) as any underage person (anyone under the age of 21) who knowingly orders, pays for, shares the cost of, attempts to purchase, possesses, or consumes any beer or intoxicating liquor in any public or private place. If you are convicted of an underage alcohol offense, the resulting penalties can be severe.
  • Selling Alcohol to Minors – Selling alcohol to underage persons is a serious criminal offense that is not treated lightly by the court system. This offense occurs on a daily basis in Ohio. It is also illegal for anyone to provide alcohol to individuals under the age of 21 for free. Selling alcohol to minors entails a more specific definition, and can result in serious penalties if convicted.
  • Open Container – An open container violation can be defined as anyone in possession of an open container of alcohol if a number of particular situations are applicable. Learn more about how you can be charged with an open container violation and the penalties that you might face if convicted.
  • Disorderly Conduct While Intoxicated – Disorderly conduct while intoxicated, also known as public intoxication, is a commonly occurring criminal offense in Ohio. It is a broad offense, in that there are many circumstances which may have led you to be charged. If convicted, the penalties that you might face can entail extensive jail time and fines.
  • Public Urination / Defecation – Public urination / defecation is a loosely defined criminal offense. If you are caught urinating or defecating in public in Cincinnati, you will most likely be charged with a disorderly conduct violation. To be charged with public urination / defecation, you must have engaged in the specific acts described in the law.

Facing an Alcohol-Related Crime?

Criminal charges can be an overwhelming and stressful experiences. Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene can help preserve your freedoms and fight for your rights. Get the justice that you deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at or email us at advice@cincinnaticriminalattorney.com.
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