What to Do if You’re Falsely Accused in Cincinnati

Posted On: July 5th, 2021 by Bradley J. Groene
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Have you been falsely accused of a crime in Cincinnati? You must be feeling incredibly frustrated. When you didn’t commit the crime in question, it can feel like the entire legal system is working against you.

It’s easy to start panicking when law enforcement acts as though they have a mountain of evidence against you; however, you must remain calm. When you have received false accusations of a crime in Cincinnati, you have the right to legal help.

Penalties of a Criminal Conviction

If you are found guilty of a crime in Ohio, you could be facing harsh penalties. Depending on the crime that you’ve been accused of, jail or prison time is possible. Furthermore, you could face several other types of penalties such as:

Additional Consequences of Conviction

And these are only the criminal penalties. Your entire life can change if you are found guilty of a crime. Some other ways your life could be impacted by a criminal conviction include:

  • Suspension of professional licenses
  • Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license
  • Your personal and professional reputation is destroyed
  • Trouble finding safe and affordable housing
  • Losing your job
  • Difficulty finding a new job
  • Troubled ties with family and friends

With penalties this severe, it’s essential that you be acquitted of the charges against you. When you are falsely accused of a crime, it’s easy to be terrified when the fallout is this harsh. But with the right legal defender on your side, you could present a powerful defense and avoid these penalties.

What to Expect After You Have Been Falsely Accused in Cincinnati

After you have been falsely accused of a crime in Cincinnati, there are a couple of different things that might happen.

Accusations vs. Criminal Charges

Maybe you were called down to the Cincinnati Police Department for questioning already. But there is a big difference between an accusation of a crime and the filing of formal criminal charges.

After you have been accused, the steps you’ll take will depend on whether formal criminal charges have been filed in Hamilton County Municipal Court or Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas.

Criminal Investigation

If you aren’t charged with a crime but are accused of committing one, you can expect the investigation to continue. Law enforcement will be looking for evidence that they can use to support criminal charges being filed against you.

Filing of Criminal Charges

If formal criminal charges have already been filed against you, you can also expect investigations to continue. However, the prosecutors and your criminal defense lawyer will work to prepare for trial. They may also work to determine whether a plea agreement is appropriate in your case.

Going to Trial

At trial, the prosecutor and your attorney will both have the moment to present their case. The prosecutor will be working to show that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Your attorney will be working to prove to the jury that you are innocent of the charges against you. After both parties have presented their case, the jury will retire to deliberate.

Steps to Take After a False Accusation

Are you aware that you are being investigated or have been falsely accused of a crime? You must get help from a criminal defense attorney.

Avoid Incriminating Yourself

Never try to explain yourself to law enforcement. Never try to clear your name on your own. Anything you say to the police can and will be used against you at trial. With a legal advocate on your side, you will have a better idea of which questions to answer and which ones not to.

You must protect yourself when you’ve been falsely accused of a crime in Cincinnati.

Get Help From a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cincinnati

No one ever expects to be falsely accused of a crime. But police think they have the guilty party even though they have the wrong guy. For this reason, you need exceptional legal help.

When you are ready to get started on your defense, contact an experienced Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer at Luftman, Heck & Associates. Schedule your free, no-risk consultation when you call our office at (513) 338-1890. Or complete our quick contact form, and we will reach out to discuss the false accusations made against you.