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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Cincinnati, OH

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Domestic violence in Ohio is taken very seriously. Domestic violence crimes can turn lives upside down, and may follow a heated argument, a bitter custody battle, or involve drugs and alcohol. Domestic violence accusations are emotionally complex and can be trying for everyone involved. The right domestic violence lawyer can explain your rights and get you through the situation with dignity, so a domestic violence charge doesn’t ruin your life.

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Lawyer for Domestic Violence Charges in Cincinnati, OH

Ohio Domestic violence charges carry stiff penalties if convicted and long-lasting repercussions on your life. But regardless of what happened, you do not have to go through this experience alone. Nor do you have to accept your fate. You may be able to get the charges reduced, dismissed, or negotiate a favorable outcome.

Our Cincinnati domestic violence lawyers provide the understanding and effective legal counsel you need to deal with charges properly. Call attorney Brad Groene and Luftman, Heck & Associates today at (513) 338-1890 for a free consultation 24/7.

Domestic Violence Laws in Cincinnati, OH

Under Ohio Revised Code 2919.25, domestic violence is any instance in which someone engages in any of the following actions with a family or household member:

  • Knowingly causes or attempts to cause physical harm to a family or someone that lives in the same house;
  • Recklessly causes serious physical harm to a family or or someone that lives in the same house;
  • Knowingly causes by threat of force a family or household member to believe that the offender will cause them imminent physical harm;

Types of Domestic Violence Crimes and Related Offenses in Ohio


Under Ohio Revised Code § 2903.13, assault can happen in any situation where another individual was hurt or threatened with harm. This would include domestic situations even if you did not intend for harm to occur.

Sexual Battery

Domestic violence situations can result in sexual battery charges under Ohio Revised Code § 2907.03 when someone has been accused of intentionally and knowingly coercing someone into sexual conduct or participating in sexual conduct with another person when they cannot give their consent.


Under Ohio Revised Code § 2907.02, a person can be charged with rape in a domestic violence situation if they forced someone to engage in sexual conduct or have sexual contact with someone who was significantly impaired.

Violating a Protection Order

Protection orders are often filed out of anguish and in response to complicated, painful situations involving family members or individuals with whom you are close. This can escalate stressful situations if you have been accused or charged with violating a protection order under Ohio Revised Code § 2919.27. If convicted of violating a protection order, you face misdemeanor or felony penalties.

Telephone Harassment

Telephone harassment often happens in domestic violence cases, and hundreds of individuals across the state of Ohio are charged daily. Generally, telephone harassment involves sending unwanted messages via calling or texting to another individual.

Menacing and Stalking

Under Ohio Revised Code § 2903.211, menacing or stalking occurs if you repeatedly behave in a way that has convinced another person that you are going to cause them mental or emotional distress or physical harm or urged someone else to engage in such behavior.

People often think of stalking as the following someone or sneaking around spying on them while intending to harm or put them in danger. While this can constitute stalking, stalking can also involve not being physically present or even having the intent to harm someone.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Domestic violence-related child abuse/neglect is charged under Ohio Revised Code § 2151.031. These allegations often stem from complicated and emotionally difficult experiences, so it is important to consult with an experienced domestic violence attorney as soon as possible.

Child Endangerment

Like other domestic violence offenses, child endangerment allegations are serious. These charges generally apply when a child is put in a dangerous situation or poses a risk of harm to them.

Penalties & Jail Time for Domestic Violence Charges in Cincinnati, OH

The severity of the penalties for domestic violence-related charges varies based on your offense. For example, some of the different types of domestic violence crimes you could face include:

  • Attempting to cause or knowingly causing harm to a household member

    – a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and fines as high as $1000.

  • Knowingly causing a household member to believe you would harm them

    – a fourth-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to 30 days in jail and fines as high as $250.

  • Recklessly causing physical harm to a family or household member

    – a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and fines as high as $1000.

  • Domestic violence involving a pregnant family or household member

    – is a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to 90 days in jail and $750 in fines.

If you have a prior domestic violence conviction on your record, you will automatically be charged with a fourth-degree felony. This is punishable by up to 18 months in prison and fines as high as $5,000.

Sometimes domestic violence can be classified as a first-degree felony based on the details or injuries involved. You could face up to 11 years in prison and be ordered to pay fines as high as $20,000.

Other Consequences of Domestic Violence in Hamilton County

If you are convicted of domestic violence in Ohio, other areas of your life will be profoundly and negatively impacted. The collateral fallout you could face includes:

  • Having a reputation in your community as a disturbed and dangerous criminal
  • Difficulty keeping or finding a job
  • Trouble furthering your education
  • Difficulty financially
  • Trouble obtaining loans
  • Challenges maintaining professional licensures
  • Difficulty retaining custody of your children

What to Expect if You’re Arrested for Domestic Violence in Cincinnati, OH

People in Hamilton County can find themselves charged with domestic violence in several ways. Regardless of how the police arrived, they will come to your door and try to determine what occurred.

Police may make domestic violence arrests on little evidence. They base a lot on what they see and hear from those present. As a result, they often remove who they believe to be the aggressor, and innocent people are charged with serious domestic violence crimes.

If you are arrested for domestic violence in Cincinnati, Ohio, you can expect to be:

  • Taken into custody
  • Fingerprinted
  • Photographed
  • Processed
  • Booked into jail

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Bail, Release & Protective Orders for Domestic Violence in Ohio

Before being released, you may need to be arraigned by a judge to secure a bond. Sometimes a judge with the Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations may issue a Temporary Protective Order (TPO) that limits or prohibits you from contacting the alleged victim.

This protective order could even bar you from returning to your home. This can be difficult, but violating a protection order can mean additional charges and time in custody. Also, you might have to surrender firearms while your domestic violence charges are pending.

Why Work with a Cincinnati Domestic Violence Lawyer

Contact a local domestic violence attorney immediately if you are accused of domestic violence or arrested and charged. The police will try to lock you into a statement early, so you must avoid saying anything that can be misunderstood or used against you.

Our domestic violence lawyers understand this can be difficult when you want to clear up a misunderstanding, but a domestic violence charge is too serious to take risks.

Although every case is different, an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate domestic violence defense attorney could be your best option to clear things up and deal with a domestic violence charge quickly and favorably. At LHA, our Cincinnati criminal attorneys will review what happened and speak with the police and prosecutors for you. With our experience and skill, we will fight vigorously for your legal rights and best interest.

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Being falsely accused of domestic violence and getting arrested anywhere in Hamilton County, Ohio is an overwhelming and frightening ordeal. These are frustrating situations, but you must protect your rights and avoid making statements that could worsen things.

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Bradley Groene made an exceptionally difficult situation much easier to handle. He kept me informed of everything that was going to happen and got results for my case far better than I could have hoped for. I would highly recommend him for anyone who finds themselves in legal troubles.