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Cincinnati White Collar Crime Attorney

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In Cincinnati, white collar crimes encompass a large number of criminal offenses that often are associated with deceiving a company or individual and benefiting from this deception, or with the misuse of information for financial gain.

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These serious offenses can be damaging to your reputation, personal and professional relationships, and your future.

The consequences if convicted are severe, and may include:

  • A jail or prison sentence
  • Costly fines and court fees
  • A permanent criminal record that can inhibit your career or employment prospects

Depending on the charge itself and the nature of the alleged crime, a conviction can have serious long-term effects on your life. In Ohio, being convicted of a white collar crime can result in either a misdemeanor or felony conviction, depending on a number of factors including offense severity, victim’s age and the monetary loss involved.

Types of Cincinnati White Collar Crimes

  • Bribery Charges – Bribery occurs when you give a public official something of value in exchange for some benefit, such as to influence a lawmaker’s vote or to avoid a penalty for an infraction.
  • Extortion – Extortion occurs when someone illegally obtains property from another through means of force, intimidation, or violence.
  • Embezzlement – When an individual who has been entrusted with money uses that money for their own benefit, they may be charged with embezzlement.
  • Tax Fraud & Tax Evasion – When someone commits an act of fraud when filing or paying taxes, they may be charged under the Ohio criminal code or various federal laws.
  • Mortgage Fraud – Mortgage fraud occurs when an individual misrepresents information on a mortgage loan application in order to obtain a loan that would have not been given if the lender had known the truth.
  • Money Laundering – When use of financial transactions to conceal a crime, or to conceal the connection between money, property, or other assets and criminal activity, you may be suspected to have “laundered” property or other assets.

How a Cincinnati White Collar Crime Attorney Will Help You

If you have been charged with, or are being investigated for a white collar crime in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, contact a skilled Cincinnati white collar crime attorney from Luftman, Heck & Associates for a free consultation regarding your case. Attorney Brad Groene will review your legal situation and help you understand your options. You may be able to avoid formal charges altogether. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (513) 338-1890 or email