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How Will Ohio House Bill 92 Affect Sex Offender Registration?

Posted On: March 13th, 2019 by Bradley J. Groene
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Ohio is known for having very strict sex offender laws. Failing to comply with a sex offender registry requirement will often result in a felony charge. Furthermore, you can be facing years in prison depending on the severity of the underlying crime behind your registration requirement. The state’s laws are constantly changing, and those who must register as sex offenders need to aware of changes in their legal obligations. Furthermore, new laws will sometimes enhance or add to someone’s sex registration requirement. Ohio House Bill 92 does this, and failing to comply with this law can result in very serious consequences.

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New Law May Change Your Sex Offender Registration Status

Ohio’s House Bill 92 was recently signed into law, and it will go into effect in late March of 2019. This law is meant to apply to sex offenders who are known to target children for reasons of sexual gratification. Lawmakers believe that there is a heightened need to protect Ohio residents from these specific types of offenders. House Bill 92 addresses the concerns that many people have about sex offenders who repeatedly commit offenses in cases where children are involved. This new law involves situations where the offender’s actions would not have previously resulted in a long-term sex offender registration requirement.

Under House Bill 92, a defendant who is found to knowingly have committed an offense of public indecency for the purpose of sexual gratification in the presence of minors will have to register as a Tier 1 sex offender. The judges in these cases will still be able to determine many of the details regarding the punishment for a guilty person. However, this new law demands automatic Tier 1 sex offender registration even for acts that normally would not under previous law. House Bill 92 triggers an automatic requirement for you to register if any of the following circumstances are true:

  • Your offense involved a minor who is at least 10 years younger than you
  • You have a prior sex related offense
  • You committed an offense for sexual gratification out of state that involved a minor

Sex Offender Registration In Ohio Is Very Strict

Those found responsible of committing criminal acts of a sexual nature in Ohio generally face a strict punishment. In addition to potential prison time, you can be required to register as a sex offender. Our state has three tiers in which sex offenders are places. Your tier will be determined by the severity of your offense. For example, Tier 3 is for those found guilty of the most serious sexual crimes such as rape and felony assault with sexual motivation. A Tier 3 offender must register every 90 days for the rest of their lives. Tier 2 can be required for those found guilty of pushing someone into prostitution or kidnapping with a sexual motivation, and these offenders must register every 180 days for a span of 25 years.

Ohio House Bill 92 requires Tier 1 registration for those whose offense was previously not considered serious enough to warrant sex offender registration. While this is not the most serious Tier, it does have a great impact on someone’s life. The details of a Tier 1 sex offender include:

  • Registering with law enforcement every 12 months
  • Registering for up to 15 years, although this can be reduced if you do not reoffend
  • Complete probation and sex offender treatment
  • These offenders can generally avoid a community or neighborhood notification requirement

It’s Important To Comply With A Sex Offender Registration Requirement

Ohio lawmakers are very concerned with sex offenders failing to properly register as required by law. You can be arrested and charged with a serious crime if you do not follow through on your registration after being convicted of a sex offense. House Bill 92 is an example of how serious laws can be when the crime in question involves a minor. Furthermore, this new legislation acts as a reminder that sex offender laws frequently change in Ohio. Failing to properly register as a sex offender can be punishable by upgrading the underlying offense to a fourth-degree felony. Many crimes that are affected by House Bill 92 are considered misdemeanors. Therefore, it’s possible that failure to comply with Ohio’s new sex registration law can result in a felony and jail time even after an underlying misdemeanor offense.

While every case is different, the specifics of your sex registration requirements should be consistent throughout Ohio. Sex offender registration for a Tier 1 offense includes the following requirements:

  • You must register with the sheriff within three days of arriving in a county to live, work, or go to school
  • You must provide updated contact information
  • The sheriff’s office may also require additional information including email addresses and vehicle info
  • You must provide notification when you will be away from your home for more than seven days

Luftman, Heck & Associates Can Help If You Have Been Arrested For A Sex Crime

Ohio House Bill 92 expands the state’s strict sex offender registration program. Now certain offenses that previously did not require registration may require you to register as a Tier 1 sex offender. The state is seeking to keep close watch on those who have been found to target minors for sexual gratification. Do not hesitate to call an experienced Cincinnati criminal lawyer if you have been arrested for one of these crimes. Incidents with children can be especially serious. For example, most Tier 1 offenders do not have to be added to Ohio’s publicly accessible sex offender internet database. However, Tier 1 offenders must be added in certain cases that involve victims who are minors.
Our lawyers know how a requirement to register as a sex offender can impact your entire life. Contact Luftman, Heck & Associates to speak with an experienced Ohio defense lawyer about your case and how we can help you protect your rights. Call our office today at (513) 338-1890 or use our online contact form.

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