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Woman putting store's shirt in her purse February 14th, 2020

Can Loss Prevention Officers Arrest People for Shoplifting?

Categories: Legal Blog, Theft

Shoplifting involves stealing merchandise from a merchant, whether in a store or another venue. The specific Ohio theft charges you face will vary depending on the value involved. In many stores and retail establishments, there are designated security personnel, referred to as loss prevention officers,…

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Child in handcuffs September 10th, 2019

Shoplifting’s Impact On Your Criminal Record

Categories: Criminal Defense, Theft

Shoplifting is a common criminal charge, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. Some charges are the result of a simple misunderstanding, or in the case of young people, a momentary poor decision made on impulse. In other cases, people are shoplifting out…

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Auto Theft Becoming More Common in Cincinnati

Categories: Legal Blog, Theft

Theft is a common crime, especially in a large city like Cincinnati. Recent statistics indicate that auto theft is becoming even more of a problem in many areas of the city. If you have been charged with auto theft, you need an experienced Cincinnati theft…

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