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Glass of amber alcohol next to car keys and gavel April 10th, 2023

FAQs about Ohio DUI Classes

Categories: DUI

A DUI can be intimidating, with consequences like jail and hefty fines. However, there are alternatives to jail time for a DUI, including Ohio DUI classes. These driver intervention programs help people improve their safety knowledge and skills while giving drivers a second chance. Common…

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Drunk man contemplating car keys October 18th, 2022

What Is a Super DUI in Ohio?

Categories: Alcohol, DUI, October

Drivers with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level above .08% will be charged with operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI). However, this is only true if the driver’s BAC levels are between .08% and .16%. Any driver with a BAC level above .16% could…

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Gavel on top of folder October 9th, 2021

Are Ohio OVI/DUI Penalties Too Harsh?

Categories: DUI

Drunk driving, known as operating a vehicle while impaired in Ohio, is a severe criminal offense, and it’s only getting more harshly punished. In fact, across the country, states have started cracking down on drunk drivers. With that said, the consequences of an OVI in…

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