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Woman pulled over by police officer September 15th, 2021

Charged With a Drug Crime After a Traffic Stop?

Categories: Drugs, Traffic

Whenever the police pull you over, you risk being removed from the vehicle, searched, and detained. Many drug charges stem from traffic stops. When Can Police Search Your Car After a Traffic Stop? Under Ohio law, police can only search your vehicle during a routine…

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Car driver smoking marijuana image March 4th, 2021

How To Handle a Cincinnati Marijuana OVI

Categories: Drugs, DUI

Medical use of marijuana is legal in Ohio, but it’s not legal to drive while impaired. Suppose you’re convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated by marijuana. In that case, criminal penalties depend on how many convictions you’ve had and how much of the drug…

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Marijuana in ohio October 30th, 2019

Did Ohio Accidentally Legalize Marijuana?

Categories: Drugs

Did marijuana just get legalized in the Buckeye State? Not quite, but new legislation that was signed in September by Governor DeWine has thrown a wrench in the state’s ability to investigate and prosecute marijuana cases. The legislation legalizes cannabis with a low THC content,…

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