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Handcuffs next to car keys and alcohol July 10th, 2018

Most Common OVI Defense Strategies in Ohio

Categories: Legal Blog, OVI

If you are pulled over and arrested for operating a vehicle impaired (OVI), then you may have questions about what to do next. The situation can be stressful, and you are likely worried about losing your license, being able to drive to and from work…

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craft beer dui May 8th, 2018

Will I Have to Post Bail for an Ohio DUI?

Categories: DUI, Legal Blog

Bail is cash, bond, or property that someone who has been arrested gives to ensure they will appear in court when ordered. If they do not show up on their court date, they have the right to keep the bail and issue a warrant to…

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Man holding container of medical cannabis April 26th, 2018

Is Medical Marijuana Coming to Kentucky?

Categories: Drugs, Legal Blog

Kentucky may become the next state to enact a medical marijuana program. Some lawmakers have recognized a need for an alternative pain relief option for certain residents suffering from chronic afflictions. Medical marijuana has been shown to alleviate symptoms and provide comfort for many patients….

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Man in suit writing in notebook next to brass scales March 16th, 2018

Hiring a DUI Attorney vs. A Public Defender

Categories: DUI, Legal Blog

If you have been charged with a DUI, you have some options when it comes to legal representation. You can choose to hire a private DUI attorney, or you can use a court-appointed public defender. Before you decide which route to take, you may want…

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