Police Body Cameras in Cincinnati

Posted On: August 10th, 2016 by Bradley J. Groene

Body cameras are an important technological tool for law enforcement to utilize in collecting evidence. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, they provide accountability for the police officers’ actions while they are on duty. Recently, body cameras worn by law enforcement officers have sparked a national debate about excessive force and the absence of their functionality in high-profile police shootings. While the general public welcomes the use of body cameras, not all police officers are equipped with these devices.

Starting on August 1, some police officers in Cincinnati will be wearing body cameras.

Cincinnati Police To Wear Body Cameras

A $600,000 grant will be used to roll out a new policy to equip Cincinnati police officers with body cameras. Officials have indicated that there will be a gradual implementation of the new technology. The Central Business District is scheduled as the first area to see law enforcement officers with body cameras. Some 700 cameras will be part of this first phase, expected to start on August 1, 2016.

The plan is to add a new district every three weeks. City officials are being cautious by not embarking on an initial widespread implementation. The phased approach will allow the authorities to identify solutions to potential issues, before introducing the technology in other areas of the city.

What Should The Public Expect

Not all police officers will be equipped with body cameras on the implementation date of August 1. Accordingly, the public should understand that initially, they may encounter police officers not wearing the recording device yet. With any new program, there is a need for testing and resolving technical problems to ensure the best results for all.

Police officers wearing body cameras will be expected to activate the device in the following scenarios:

  • When responding to a call;
  • For the duration of a traffic stop or foot pursuit;
  • When responding to an assistance request from another officer;
  • For the execution of all warrants;
  • For the recording of arrests and the transporting of persons in the police custody; and
  • For any evidential purpose.

While the public may not see full city-wide compliance right away as officers learn to use and activate the body cameras, the police department is committed to this new policy, and will be reviewing its implementation in 2017.

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