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Running into law enforcement in Loveland isn’t always the pleasant experience that you hope it will be. You wonder if you’ve done anything wrong, what kind of fines you might end up with or, worse still, if you’ll have to serve any jail time. You’ve found yourself at the wrong end of the law, and now you have to gear up for the legal process headed your way. Your best shot at fighting the courts now is a skilled Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer.

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Theft Charges in Loveland

Theft, burglary and robbery are the most common criminal acts in Loveland, according to the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services. Almost 90% of crimes committed in 2013 were related to robbery, burglary or larceny. Depending on what was stolen, who the victims were and the methods used to take the items, you could be facing $20,000 in fines and a ten-year prison sentence.

You can incur larceny charges for something as simple as shoplifting or as severe as stealing a car from an open parking lot. If there was unlawful entrance involved, the charges move to burglary. You didn’t even have to be the burglar yourself. Finally, if there was any violence or even the threat of violence, such as carrying a weapon, you’ll find yourself facing robbery charges with “felon” on your permanent record.

You might feel hopeless if you face these kinds of charges, but all is not lost. Your best chance at victory in court is a Hamilton County defense lawyer. Brad Groene knows the local laws, and he’ll passionately give you the edge in the legal system.

Violent Crimes in Loveland

Violent crime doesn’t happen that often in Loveland, but when it does, the punishments can be harsh and unforgiving. You could end up with the label “felon” and spending the rest of your life in prison. Ohio just announced that it found a new drug for lethal injections and was resuming capital punishment.

These kinds of charges could severely change you’re life. You might lose your family, friends, career and money. Getting an experienced Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer on your side is the best move to prevent any of that. Luftman, Heck & Associates have successfully defended violent cases before, and they’ll be there for you now too.

DUI Traffic Charges in Loveland

The Ohio State Highway Patrol enforced 637 OVIs in Hamilton County in 2014. An OVI (Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence) can come with up to $10,000 dollars in fines and the permanent suspension of your driver’s license. The punishments become more severe each time you’ve been charged.

It isn’t joust alcohol that can get you arrested. A police officer can arrest you for having cocaine, methamphetamine, L.S.D., marijuana or other controlled substances while driving, according to Title 45, Chapter 4511 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Why Select a Loveland Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re looking at criminal charges in the Cincinnati area, then you’re in need of a distinguished lawyer who knows the court system and the local ordinance you’re up against. Loveland criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene has spent years representing clients in need of defense, successfully taking on a range of cases, from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies.

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