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Any crime where someone is hurt intentionally or violence is even threatened is considered a violent crime in Ohio. This includes relatively minor or unintentional offenses, such as a bar fight assault, as well as the most serious crimes like murder and rape. People accused of violent crimes face an uphill battle from the minute they are arrested.

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Violent crime rates may be dropping in Ohio, but the seriousness with which they are taken in Cincinnati is not. Cincinnati has the fifth highest rate of violent crime in Ohio, which means that law enforcement is doing whatever it can to stop such crimes. People accused of violent crimes are likely to be arrested quickly and harshly.

Violent crimes are some of the most harshly prosecuted crimes in the state. In fact, these crimes are punished quite severely whether you actually injured another person—or even really intended to—or not. Violent crimes are seen as some the most heinous by the public, so they are prosecuted as such. This means that you need to take such charges very seriously because you can be sure that the prosecution will.

Common Violent Crimes Charges in Ohio

While there are many types of violent crimes, the following are some of the most common ones that defendants face in Cincinnati courts.

  • Domestic Violence — Domestic violence involves hurting a spouse or partner through deliberate acts to cause harm.
  • Assault — You may be charged with assault if you hurt any person through deliberate acts to cause harm. Aggravated assault occurs when another person serious physical harm or uses a deadly weapon. Assault is also referred to as battery.
  • Robbery — Robbery involves theft through the threat of violence or actual violence.
  • Burglary or Home Invasion — Entering a person’s home without permission and threatening or committing violence in order to carry out a crime may result in serious penalties if convicted.
  • Rape — Rape involves committing sexual acts with someone against their will through the threat of force or actual force.
  • Vehicular Homicide — Voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter and vehicular manslaughter are very serious criminal offenses in the state of Ohio with unforgiving penalties if you are convicted.
  • Manslaughter — In Ohio, there are several different kinds of manslaughter charges you can face. You can be charged voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter and aggravated vehicular manslaughter. Each manslaughter charge carries serious, grave penalties and consequences if you are convicted.

Consequences of Violent Crimes

Because violent crimes are considered to be some of the worst crimes, they are usually punished very harshly. Some violent crimes, such as murder, can earn you a life sentence in prison if not defended well. In fact, you can expect that a large number of violent crimes to be felony offenses. No matter the “level” of the violent offense, however, violent crimes are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You should not expect the prosecution to show you leniency. In fact, without the help of an experienced Cincinnati criminal defense attorney, you can be facing some very dire sentences.

Of course, incarceration and fines handed down by the court are not the only consequences of violent crimes. If you are convicted of a violent crime, you will have a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life—and cannot be expunged under Ohio law. You may be forced to pay additional restitution to the victims of your crime. A conviction can make it difficult for you to find and keep a job, secure housing for you and your family, and even cause you to lose your rights to government benefits. Not only that, but you also will face stigma as a felon. A strong defense is vital to getting your case the best possible outcome.

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