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Extortion in Ohio is a serious criminal offense with severe consequences. Extortion is defined according to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC 2905.11) as obtaining money, goods, or services through the use of force or threats.

One specific type of extortion is bribery. Bribery involves giving or accepting money or services of value to influence the actions of another individual.

Another specific type of extortion is blackmail. Blackmail entails threatening someone or an organization’s reputation with the release of damaging or secret information, regardless of whether it is truthful in exchange for money or services. Individuals who commit blackmail require money or a form of payment in exchange for not releasing harmful information.

An extortion conviction is treated as a felony in Ohio. If you are convicted of extortion, the exact penalties you will face depend upon the facts and circumstances of your particular case, such as the severity of force and the amount of money or value of goods and services involved. You will undoubtedly face extensive prison time in addition to hefty fines as the result of your conviction. Our Cincinnati extortion lawyers are experienced and able to help you through your case.

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