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Advantages of Hiring LHA for Your OVI Charges

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Local Ohio law enforcement officials have been consistently cracking down on DUI offenses in recent years. If you have been recently arrested on a DUI/OVI charge in the Cincinnati area, you may be wondering what to do next. Should you contest the charge on your own, or hire legal representation?

In many cases, Ohio court rules and DUI laws can be complicated. Without a solid understanding of legal proceedings, you may find yourself confused and overwhelmed. A knowledgeable Cincinnati DUI attorney can offer their legal experience, and help provide a strong defense.

What Can a Cincinnati DUI Lawyer Provide?

  1. Knowledge: Having knowledge of specific Ohio laws will be key to successfully contest a DUI charge. Because there are different penalties for a first time OVI, underage DUI, or felony OVI charge, you need to know what you’re up against. Finding a Cincinnati DUI lawyer with the right area of know-how can give you a significant advantage in court. He will be able to assess your particular situation and apply local laws to improve your circumstances.

  2. Experience: With support from an experienced criminal defense attorney, you will be able to better navigate through the Ohio judicial system. You should definitely look for a Cincinnati DUI lawyer who is familiar with your situation and has handled similar cases in the past. An experienced attorney can apply the most effective defense strategies and is less likely to waste time on futile tactics.

  3. Resources: In addition to legal knowledge, building a strong criminal defense requires other resources you may not have access to. For instance, you may have to file specific paperwork and provide evidential documents or testimony. By hiring the right Cincinnati DUI lawyer, you can gain access to valuable resources and information.

  4. Negotiation Skills: Typically, a good DUI defense attorney can help you strike a plea bargain with the prosecutor. There may also be other negotiation options. For example, you can potentially enter a drug counseling or DUI diversion program in exchange for a reduced sentence. Your Cincinnati DUI attorney should know how to appeal to the prosecutor or judge to get the best results.

  5. Potentially Reduced Charges: Ultimately, you will have a higher chance of reducing or reversing the DUI charges against you with help from a Cincinnati DUI attorney. Many criminal defense lawyers offer free case consultations, but it is recommended to act as soon as possible.

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