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St. Bernard Criminal Defense Attorney

A small village in Hamilton County, Ohio, St. Bernard is home to 4,368 residents, according to a 2010 census. Simplicity and community living dictate the daily living in St. Bernard and both visitors and citizens alike are drawn to its village charm.

Although a very small town in population, St. Bernard like every other town in the State of Ohio must tackle the issue of crime. Similarly, individuals living there are not immune from arrest,
charge and prosecution.

Traffic Offense in St. Bernard County

No matter how small a community is, traffic offenses will be common. Traffic violations can range from a small infraction to more serious offenses. Accordingly, penalties will include fines, jail time, and even removal of driving privileges.

Having an experienced lawyer like Brad Groene can really make a difference when facing the following St. Bernard traffic offenses:

  • Speeding – Indeed speeding is one of the most common traffic violation in Hamilton County. It is one of those things that can happen to anyone. Whether rushing to work or attending to an emergency, getting a speeding ticket can be as easy as just not realizing you entered a school zone. In most instances, a speeding ticket is all you will get and the requirement that you pay a fine. However, depending on the excessive speed at which you were clocked and any previous conviction, you could be facing misdemeanor speeding which can lead to jail time, in addition to fines and points on your license.
  • Driving without a license – If you are caught driving without a license in St. Bernard, this is a serious offense. Classified as a misdemeanor, the charge of driving without a license can lead to fine and time behind bars.
  • Hit and Run – When you are involved in an accident, you are required by law, to stop at the scene of the accident and provide your information. A failure to do so can result in a hit and run charge. The charge is classified as a first-degree misdemeanor and if found guilty, you could be facing upwards of six months in jail in addition to a fine of $1,000. The offense becomes a felony with harsher penalties if the accident results in injury to another person.
  • Reckless Driving – This is a very serious traffic violation defined as driving in an intentional manner without regard for the safety of others and their property. First-time offenders can face fine and 30 days in jail with penal penalties increasing to 60 days with prior traffic violation convictions. This traffic violation also attracts points on your license.

Traffic violations can add up and create a lot of problem for you in the future. Accumulative points can result in license suspension and misdemeanor convictions can lead to low job opportunities. Securing a St. Bernard criminal defense lawyer is the best decision to make following a charge relating to any type of traffic violation.

Facing Traffic Violations in St. Bernard?

Any form of a criminal charge can be frustrating to the person, who must now answer to these charges in a court of law. Quite naturally, your objective to get the situation behind you with the best outcome. St. Bernard Criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene possess the legal knowledge and experience you need to fight your charges of traffic violation and any other criminal matter.
For years Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene has provided high-quality legal representation to the residents of St. Bernard, Hamilton County and other cities in Ohio. Make that call today at (513) 338-1890 to schedule a consultation.

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