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Springfield Township Criminal Defense Lawyer

Coming face-to-face with a police officer in Hamilton County is usually a little unnerving – you might not know if you’ve done anything wrong, and the potential consequences start to whir through your mind. Jail time? Community service? Expensive fines? You didn’t want to end up in this situation, but here you are. Don’t wait before contacting a Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer for your best chance at incurring the least amount of damages possible.

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DUI Traffic Charges in Springfield Township

In 2014, the Ohio State Highway Patrol enforced 637 OVIs in Hamilton County. You could face up to one year in jail, $10,000 in fines and a permanent license suspension. An officer can charge you with an OVI for substances besides alcohol as well. According to Title 45, Chapter 4511 of the Ohio Revised Code, officers may arrest anyone driving with cocaine, methamphetamine, L.S.D., marijuana or other controlled substances in their body.

Brad Groene has represented hundreds of OVI clients and spent countless hours deftly navigating the complicated Ohio court system, and he can help you too.

Robbery and Burglary Crimes in Springfield Township

Robbery charges are severe punishments that will follow you through your life. You could end up spending 10 years in prison, losing $20,000 in fines and carrying the label of “felon” for the rest of your life. According to the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services, there were 44 cases of robbery in Springfield Township during 2013.

Robbery charges are more severe than burglary, which Luftman, Heck & Associates also defends against. Burglary does not include any violence, or the threat of violence, against a victim. There were 255 cases of burglary in Springfield Township during 2013, with charges ranging from six months to a possible eight years in prison and fines up to $15,000, depending on the circumstances of the crime.

The best defense against robbery or burglary charges is a skilled Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer who knows the local laws best. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the police, call Brad Groene today.

Assault Charges in Springfield Township

Nearly one-third of violent crimes committed in Springfield Township are aggravated assault. Aggravated assault can be punished with a six-year prison term and fines up to $5,000, but it isn’t the only assault you can be charged with. Even if you unintentionally caused harm to someone else, you could still be charged with negligent assault and end up with prison time.

You might feel like you’re fighting an impossible legal battle, but having a good Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer behind you can turn your odds around. Brad Groene will fight for the best possible outcome in your case, whether that means dismissal, acquittal or leniency from a judge.

Motor Vehicle Theft in Springfield Township

If you find yourself facing motor vehicle theft charges, you’re facing at least six and up to 18 months in prison, in addition to fines up to $5,000. You might feel hopeless, but an experienced Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer can help.

On top of the lengthy prison time and expensive penalties you might face, a MVT charge can follow you into other areas of your life: it may become hard to hold a job, you could face uncertainty in the custody of your children or you might have a hard time continuing your education. Get an experienced Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer today.

Why Select a Springfield Township Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you’re facing criminal charges that might include prison sentencing or hefty fines, you want an attorney who knows how the prosecution works behind your back – and who will fight tooth and nail to follow what’s best for you. An ace Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer will be carefully reviewing every option available to you, and ready to support your case in the best way possible.

If you are a resident of Hamilton County but have been charged in another county in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, don’t hesitate to call Luftman, Heck & Associates. We also serve Clermont County, Warren County, Butler County, Kenton County, and many more. Click here for a full list of the areas we service.

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