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When you fall under the gaze of a police officer in Sharonville, all sorts of thoughts can start to run through your mind. You’re not necessarily sure if you’ve done anything wrong, you don’t know what kinds of fines you’ll end up facing, you don’t know if you’re going to have to spend any time in jail and you don’t know how this could alter your relationships with friends and family. A Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer will know how to fight in court so that you can keep as much of what’s yours as possible.

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Theft in Sharonville

Theft related activities are the most common crimes in Sharonville, according to the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services. Over 90 percent of arrests in 2013 were larceny, burglary or robbery. The charge and severity of penalty change based on a number of factors, like what was stolen, if there was an unlawful entrance, who was present and what methods were used to take any property. In certain scenarios, you could be burdened with $20,000 in fines and a 10-year prison sentence.

When stolen property is involved, the most frequent charge is larceny, meaning something was taken from a publicly accessible place. You can incur larceny charges for the simple act of shoplifting or for something as serious as stealing a car from street parking. If there was an unlawful entrance involved, the charge graduates to burglary. Finally, the charge becomes robbery if there was any violence, or even just the implication of violence. That means that just holding a knife could make you a felon.

You might feel trapped in the face of these kinds of charges, but you still have a chance with an experienced Hamilton county defense lawyer. Attorney Brad Groene knows the laws and the courts around Cincinnati like the back of his hand, and he can give you the edge in the complicated judicial system.

DUI Traffic Charges in Sharonville

If a police officer in Sharonville pulls you over and you have alcohol or other narcotics in your system, you should be prepared to be asked to perform a field sobriety test or to blow into a breathalyzer and possibly be charged with an OVI. In 2014 alone, the Ohio State Highway Patrol enforced 637 OVIs in Hamilton County.

Each time you‘re charged with an OVI within 10 years, the penalty grows harsher. Even first time offenders face heavy charges’ you might have to pay over $1,000, spend six months in jail and have your license suspended for up to three years. If it’s a repeat offense, fines can reach up to $10,000.

You can be charged with an OVI for substances besides alcohol, according to chapter 4511.19 of the Ohio Revised Code. A police officer can arrest you for driving with cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, L.S.D. or other drugs in your system.

Facing an OVI is no joke. To get the best defense possible, hire a Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer. Cincinnati-based attorney Brad Groene has spent years defending hundreds of OVI clients, and he can bring a wealth of knowledge to your case to get the best results possible.

Violent Crime in Sharonville

Sharonville is a relatively peaceful city, but that doesn’t mean mistakes don’t happen. If you find yourself facing assault charges, you’re not alone. There were 1,214 cases of aggravated assault in Hamilton County during 2014. If you find yourself taken over by a fit of emotion that leads to the harm of an unborn child or an attempt to use deadly force, aggravated assault charges might apply. Even if the act was a complete accident, negligent assault charges or reckless assault charges could apply.

Your life could be forever changed if you’re convicted of a violent crime. You might be separated from your children or family. Your friendships could be irreversibly damaged. You might lose your career and fall into deep debt. You still might have a chance at salvaging it if you hire a Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer. An attorney from Luftman, Heck & Associates is just a phone call away.

Why Select a Sharonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, you want a lawyer who’s familiar with the legal system around you. Attorney Brad Groene has been working tirelessly in the Cincinnati area for years to defend the rights of clients charged with a wide gamut of criminal activities. He knows the prosecution and he knows how to get the best possible outcome for your case.

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