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Golf Manor Criminal Defense Attorney

Located in Hamilton County, Ohio, Golf Manor is a small village eight miles from Cincinnati. It is home to more than 3,500 residents and offers the tranquility of home with quick access to the necessary amenities. Beautiful trees line the streets of Golf Manor as people live, play, and do business daily.

The small village is served by a diligent police force. Both residents and business owners can rely on the protection to be derived from the Golf Manor police department. However, even the best of police can make mistakes, and innocent individuals can be arrested and charged with criminal offenses. If you live in or are visiting Golf Manor, Hamilton Country and find yourself on the wrong side of the law, having the telephone number of Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene will come in very handy.

Criminal Offense in Golf Manor

As a village in the state of Ohio, Golf Manor operates under the criminal judicial system of Ohio. There are a number of criminal offenses ranging from small infractions to felony crimes on the books in Golf Manor, inclusive of but not limited to:

  • DUI OffensesDriving under the influence (DUI) is the offense of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Your level of intoxication is determined by your impairment at the time when you are pulled over by the police or by ascertaining your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) with chemical testing. BAC levels above 0.08% are considered being intoxicated above the legal limit and you will be arrested and charged with DUI.
  • Alcohol Offense – Having one or two drinks may seem harmless, but alcohol is the basis for a number criminal offenses inclusive of underage drinking, selling alcohol to minors, open container violations, or disorderly conduct resulting from intoxication.
  • Drug Offenses – Charges under this category will include the possession, sale, manufacturing, and trafficking of any illegal substance. Such offenses, if found guilty, comes with extensive fines and time behind bars.
  • Traffic Violations – Ranging from simple infractions to serious criminal offenses, traffic infractions are very common. In some instances, you will get away with paying a fine, but other more serious offenses can result in points being added to your license, license suspension, or jail time.

Having a lawyer who will be able to protect your interest and work to achieve the best possible outcome in your case, is the type of legal representation you will need if you are arrested and charged for any of these or other offenses in Golf Manor.

Why You Should Choose Golf Manor Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Groene

When you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, it can be a very confusing and frustrating time for you and your family. However, having a lawyer from the beginning is the key to protecting your rights and securing your freedom. Here are some reasons you should call Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene in your time of trouble:

  • Extensive experience in criminal defense representation;
  • Compassion for those charged;
  • In-depth knowledge of the criminal law in Ohio; and
  • Years of courtroom experience.

Do not leave your legal representation up to chance. If you live, work, or just visiting Golf Manor and get arrested, the number you should call is that of Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene. Free, legal consultations are provided when you call today.

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