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The police in Glendale aren’t always as comforting as you want them to be. When you catch an officer staring you down, it’s not uncommon to feel some panic. You might wonder what the officer saw or if you’ve even broken any laws in the first place. Are you prepared to face criminal charges? Ohio has harsh penalties for illegal activity, whether you’ve been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. You might be burdened with fines or sentenced to serve jail time. If the conviction makes its way onto your permanent record, you might end up struggling to hold down a job. If you’re a licensed professional, such as a doctor or lawyer, you may have to suspend your practice.

You may still have a chance at a successful outcome in your case. Hire a Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer to get the strongest representation in court. An attorney like Brad Groene will have years of experience defending clients in the area, and may be able to have your charges reduced or even dropped. Call (513) 338-1890 to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

DUI / OVI Charges in Glendale

In Ohio, a drunk driving charge is known as an OVI (Operating a Vehicle under the Influence). If you’re swerving in your lane, driving more than 10 mph under the speed limit or showing other signs of impaired driving, a police officer will likely pull you over. If he has reasonable suspicion that you’ve been drinking, you’ll be asked to perform a blood, urine or breath test to analyze your blood alcohol content. If your BAC is .08 percent or higher you’ll be charged with an OVI.

Ohio is an implied consent state, meaning that having a driver’s license is an agreement to chemical testing from the police. If you refuse a test, you’ll receive a criminal charge that’s independent from the OVI, and it can worsen the penalties you face for an OVI.

The consequences of an OVI are harsh, and they become more severe with each charge within 10 years.

  • First Offense – between three days and six months in jail, between $250 and $1,000 in fines, license suspension between six months and three years
  • Second Offense – Between 10 days and one year in jai, between $350 and $1,500 in fines, license suspension between one and five years
  • Third Offense – Between 30 days and one year in jail, between $350 and $1,500 in fines, license suspension between one and ten years
  • Fourth Offense – Between 60 days and one year in jail, between $800 and $10,000 in fines, license suspension between three years and permanent

A skilled lawyer may be able to have your charge dropped. The reliability of a chemical test can be affected by a number of factors, and a criminal defense attorney might be able to invalidate them. If you were subjected to a field sobriety test, you may be able to have the evidence dismissed as unreliable. Your lawyer could even try to prove that the traffic stop was unwarranted in the first place.

Family Crimes in Glendale

Crimes that involve your family are often very emotional cases. Besides penalties like jail time and fines, you are typically isolated from the people closest to. Family and friends may look at you differently in this trying time, even though you feel like the same person. Your case may involve alcohol, drugs or heated arguments that led you to behave in a manner inconsistent with how you normally do.

In cases like these, you don’t want to go in the courtroom alone, regardless of the details that brought you there. A local criminal defense lawyer like Brad Groene can be there to support you in a difficult time. Pick up the phone and call now to find out how he can help you.

Why Hire a Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Criminal charges in Ohio are no joke. You could end up spending time in prison with thousands of dollars in debt from fines. They could end up on your permanent record, making it difficult to find employment, pursue an education or even rent a house. You could be stripped of a professional license, virtually bringing your career to a close.

You can work to lessen or even eliminate the penalties you’re facing with a skilled Glendale criminal defense lawyer like Brad Groene who know the courts around Hamilton County like the back of his hand. For years, he’s been passionately defending the rights of clients around Cincinnati. Let him be there for you too.

Live in Hamilton County, but charged somewhere else in Ohio or Northern Kentucky? Call Luftman, Heck & Associates today to get the best criminal defense representation in the area. We’re located in Cincinnati’s Business District, but we also serve Clermont County, Warren County, Butler County, Kenton County, and many more. Click here for a full list of the areas we service.

How a Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

The sooner you speak with a Glendale criminal defense lawyer, the better your options will be regarding your sentence. The Glendale criminal defense team from Luftman, Heck & Associates has successfully defended hundreds of individuals charged with a number of criminal charges ranging from DUI traffic offenses, alcohol offenses, drug offenses, robbery, burglary, assault, weapons crimes, sex crimes, vandalism or even murder. If you are being investigated for a crime, attorney Brad Groene has the knowledge, experience and compassion to help you overcome your charge, receive the optimal outcome for your case, and receive the justice you deserve.

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If you are being investigated for criminal charges or are being accused of a crime, call the Glendale criminal defense team of Luftman, Heck & Associates today at (513) 338-1890 or email us at Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene is available 24/7 to answer your questions.