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The police in Cheviot are supposed to protect and serve, but sometimes it feels like you need someone to protect you from them. Maybe you’re driving home from a dinner party and you see those blue and red lights flashing in the rear-view mirror. Was that two beers or three that you had?

Perhaps you walk out of a store with an extra item in your pocket and run into an officer. Maybe it was theft, robbery or a total accident. It doesn’t matter how you got where you are, what matters is what you do next. If you want to make it through the complicated legal process headed your way, your best bet is to get an experienced Cheviot criminal defense lawyer on your side.

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Theft Charges in Cheviot

According to the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services, the most common criminal activities in Cheviot are theft, burglary, and robbery. In fact, every committed in the small Cincinnati suburb during 2013 were related to robbery, burglary or larceny. In Ohio, crimes involving stolen property carry a wide variety of penalties, depending on what was taken, who was present and how the items were taken. It’s possible that you could be facing a $20,000 fine and a 10-year prison sentence.

Simple theft charges start with larceny; when something is stolen from a public space. If you’re caught shoplifting, that’s larceny. If you take a car from a public parking space, that’s also larceny. Once you unlawfully enter a property, usually known as “breaking and entering,” the charges move to burglary. If there was violence involved, the charges move to robbery, a felony offense. Even if someone just felt threatened say by the presence of a weapon, you should be prepared for a heavy-handed legal system.

It’s important not to give up, even when you’re facing such harsh judgment. You still have a fighting chance with a skilled Hamilton County criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Brad Groene knows the local legal system, and he understands how to best stand up for your rights in the courts.

Violent Crimes in Cheviot

Cheviot is a small town, and violent crime is rare, but the consequences can be severe. If you’re found guilty on a violent crime charge, you could easily be buried in a mountain of debt. You might end up spending the rest of your life in prison. They could even give you the death penalty. After a moratorium on capital punishment, Ohio has just announced that it found a new drug for lethal injections and is resuming capital punishment.

These kinds of charges could severely change your life. It’s not hard for word to spread around a city with a population of less than 9,000. You might lose your family, friends, career and money. Your best chance to hold on to what you have is to hire a Cheviot criminal defense lawyer. Luftman, Heck & Associates have successfully defended clients accused of violent charges before. Let them be there for you know to have the best chance of keeping your life together.

DUI Traffic Charges in Cheviot

If you’re pulled over by an officer in Cheviot with alcohol or drugs in your system, be prepared to receive an OVI, or operating a vehicle under the influence. In 2014, the Ohio State Highway Patrol enforced 637 OVIs in Hamilton County. In Ohio, an OVI can come with up to $10,000 dollars in fines and the permanent suspension of your driver’s license. You can be assigned a special plate that makes it apparent to everyone in Cheviot that you were charged with an OVI. The punishments become more severe each time you’ve been charged.

There’s a seemingly endless list of drugs besides alcohol that can get you an OVI. A police officer can arrest you for having cocaine, methamphetamine, L.S.D., marijuana or other controlled substances while driving, according to Title 45, Chapter 4511 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Why Select a Cheviot Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with criminal activity in the Cincinnati area, then you need a criminal defense lawyer who knows the local courts. Brad Groene has spent years defending clients around Hamilton County, and he knows how the prosecution works. Call today to get the defense you need and get the best case outcome possible.

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