Steps to Take After Getting Charged with a DUI

Posted On: March 23rd, 2018 by Bradley J. Groene
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If you have just been charged with a DUI, chances are you’re not really sure what to do next. If that is the case, you may want to speak to a DUI lawyer about your situation. You should make sure to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible since your first hearing will probably be soon after you were charged. To learn more about what to do after being charged with a DUI, continue reading below.

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1. Enlist the Help of a DUI Lawyer

A lawyer who specializes in DUI charges will provide you with the necessary information and years of experience. They can explain the process and give you some ideas of possible outcomes for your particular case.

A DUI lawyer can also help you decide how to plead at your hearing, obtain a copy of the police report concerning your arrest, and work to lessen the severity of your sentence. Having a knowledgeable DUI lawyer on your side might mean you’ll get to put the DUI behind you quickly.

2. Attend Your Arraignment

The arraignment is your initial hearing, assigned when the police officer gives you the ticket. The arraignment is where you get to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Pleading not guilty does not necessarily mean you will face harsher charges if you are found guilty in the end, but it does give you a chance to study all of the evidence and thoroughly prepare a defense.

While at your arraignment, you may also be able to request driving privileges for work, so that you can get to your job without any problems.

3. Prepare for Changes in Your Insurance

Once your insurance company receives notification of your DUI, the chances are high that you’ll either be dropped or receive a high-risk insurance policy.

You may also need an SR-22 that proves you carry liability insurance. If convicted of a DUI, be prepared to shop around for insurance. Although you will be considered a risky customer, it doesn’t mean no one will cover you.

4. Add up Your Costs

Car insurance isn’t the only expense you will be facing. There are other costs associated with a DUI including:

  • The fine issued by the court
  • Court costs
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Costs for attending a rehabilitation program (if the court orders you to do so as part of your sentence)
  • DMV costs to reinstate your driver’s license

5. Be Aware of Your Potential Outcomes

If you are found guilty, you could face jail time, fines, and loss of your license. These penalties are generally more severe if this isn’t your first DUI.

Even after you’ve paid your fines and reinstated your license, a DUI will remain on your record. For the first five years after your conviction, potential employers will be able to find it when doing your background search. This could hurt your chances of getting a new job for awhile.

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A DUI can have a lasting negative impact on your life. Because of the potential problems you face, you should hire a DUI lawyer to help navigate your case. Our DUI lawyers at Luftman, Heck & Associates can provide the experience and advice you need to ensure your best outcome. Contact us today (513) 338-1890 to schedule a free consultation.