Keeping Track of Gun Violence in Your Neighborhood

Posted On: April 24th, 2015 by Bradley J. Groene

Since the 90’s, the United States has experienced a progressive decline in violent crime. Even so, violent crimes involving guns are prevalent and deadly. The most frequently committed crime involving a firearm is homicide. Over 60 percent of homicides in the United States are committed with a firearm. In Ohio, that number reached 70% of homicides in 2010. Gun violence is a serious problem, and it’s important to keep track of what’s going on in your neighborhood.

Cincinnati, like the rest of Ohio and the country, continues to experience a large amount of gun related incidents and violence. An overwhelming majority of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods had a gun related crime reported in 170 separate incidents in March of this year. In each of these incidents, a gun was identified as a weapon, although shots were not always fired.

Just last month, on April 4th, a 17-year old high school student was struck and killed by a stray bullet as she left a Cincinnati Sweet 16 birthday party. Two other teens were injured. Police are still investigating the incident and believe gang violence may be involved. The victim, however, was a young girl with no gang affiliations.

Neighborhood Scout, a crime reporting website, reports a 1 in 105 chance of being a victim of violent crime in Cincinnati, compared to 1 in 349 chances of victimization in Ohio generally. This statistic is not specific to gun violence.

Gun control is always a hot topic in the United States, and surely will be again in the 2016 election season. Whatever your stance on guns, it’s important to stay safe around them. If you have children, statistically the safest place to keep guns is outside of your home. If you do keep a firearm at your house, make sure it is safely secured and kept away from all children or anyone else who may be a safety risk. It’s important to know how to store and fire guns properly.

Additionally, many firearms require proper and up-to-date permitting to be legally kept, transported, or carried. If you have a felony record, it’s illegal for you to own a firearm or be on the premises with one. If you have questions about permitting, or are facing a firearm-related criminal charge, a Cincinnati defense attorney may be able to help.

Violent crime is everywhere, and gun crime especially. Stay safe by knowing what’s going on in your backyard, and if you’ve been charged with a violent crime, contact an experienced Cincinnati defense attorney at (513) 338-1890.