COVID Side Effect: Domestic Violence in Hamilton County See Sharp Rise

Posted On: September 22nd, 2020 by Bradley J. Groene
Man pinning woman to wall voilently

If you’re facing domestic violence charges, you’re part of a rising tide. The stresses of coping with an economic downturn, being stuck at home, along with kids who aren’t in school can boil over. In and around Cincinnati, this is resulting in tense domestic situations.

At Luftman, Heck & Associates, LLP, we have a lot of experience and a history of success protecting people accused of domestic violence, so a misunderstanding or one-time mistake doesn’t define the rest of your life.

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The Pandemic’s Impact on Domestic Violence

Women Helping Women (WHW), a nonprofit based in southwest Ohio, advocates and cares for victims of gender-based violence. In July, they reported the number of clients from mid-March to the end of June increased 23%, and calls to its hotline went up 53 %, compared to the same period last year, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

More Pressure on Relationships Equals More Domestic Violence

Kristin Shrimplin, WHW’s chief executive officer and president, stated that neither COVID-19 nor money problems cause gender-based violence, but they make a bad situation worse.

Calls for help rose about 20 % in March. After the state’s stay-at-home order was issued, calls decreased, according to Shrimplin, because victims didn’t feel safe calling a hotline while they were at home full time with their abuser.

More of those using the hotline are reporting serious, violent assaults that could turn deadly. The agency saw an increase in claims of strangulation, sexual assault, and use of weapons. Shrimplin said they are seeing signs that violence is escalating and could become fatal. WHW states there are also more women seeking help who’ve never reached out before.

Six women were fatally shot in Hamilton County in April, compared to five for all of 2019. The police have not linked all the deaths to domestic violence. The Enquirer states it looked at data from last year and found women were more likely to be killed due to partner violence or child abuse than any other reason.

Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

The Ohio Revised Code (ORC 2919.25) defines domestic violence as any of the following with a family or household member:

  • Knowingly causing or trying to cause physical harm
  • Recklessly causing serious bodily harm
  • By threatening force, knowingly causing a family or household member to believe the person will cause imminent physical harm

There are many ways you could end up being charged with domestic violence.

  • Neighbors may contact the police if they see or hear what appears to be a serious argument.
  • Or, your spouse, partner, or another member of the household could call 911.

Usually, law enforcement will come to the scene and try to figure out what happened, who was involved, and why the actions took place.

Domestic violence arrests often are based on little evidence. Officers decide what to do based on what they see and what they’re told by those present. Frequently, the person the officers believe was the aggressor is removed and charged with a crime.

What Happens if You’re Arrested?

If you’re the one arrested for domestic violence, you’ll be processed and booked before being released. You may need to be arraigned by a judge to secure a bond.

A Temporary Protective Order (TPO) limiting or prohibiting you from contacting or going near the alleged victim may be issued. Depending on your relationship and where he or she lives, this may prevent you from returning home.

This can cause a lot of problems and complications, but violating a protective order could result in more charges and time in custody.

How LHA Helps Those Charged with Domestic Violence

If you have been arrested or accused of for domestic violence in Hamilton County, you are probably worried and have a lot of questions. In Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, call LHA today. Cincinnati domestic violence attorney Brad Groene can walk you through your options and begin building a defense.

If it was a misunderstanding, and experienced lawyer is going to be a lot more effective at clearing things up that you going it alone. By pointing out flaws in how the officers responded, you may be able to show the alleged victim was actually the aggressor or the charges were based on false allegations.

Ultimately, a lawyer from LHA could be the difference in getting charges reduced dismissed, or resolving the matter favorably.

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