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Hamilton County Jail in Cincinnati, Ohio

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If you or someone you love were recently arrested in Cincinnati, Ohio, they would likely be taken to the Hamilton County jail for processing. As soon as you learn of their arrest, it is imperative to get a Cincinnati criminal defense attorney to advise you, secure their release, and work to protect their rights. Here is more about the Hamilton County jail system in Cincinnati and other essential details you should know when you or a family member are in custody.

Here is more about the Hamilton County jail system in Cincinnati and other essential details you should know when you or a family member are in custody.

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Hamilton County Justice Center

Hamilton County Justice Center

The Hamilton County Justice Center is the central county jail in downtown Cincinnati. The facility houses male and female inmates and has a maximum capacity of 1,240 beds. The jail offers a variety of programs and services for inmates, including educational and vocational training, mental health counseling, and substance abuse treatment.

121 S. Central Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

(513) 946-6300

Other important phone numbers include:


Medical Office(513) 946-6700

Social Services(513) 946-6560

Chaplain (513) 946-6335

Commissary Services(513) 946-6655

Food Services(513) 946-6849

Visitation (513) 946-6627

Identification Bureau(513) 946-6325

Hamilton County Jail FAQs

How Can I Find Out if Someone is in Hamilton County Jail?

To find out if someone is in the Hamilton County jail, use the online inmate search tool on the county sheriff’s website or call the jail’s inmate information line at (513) 946-6300.

Can I Find Out Why Someone Is in Jail?

Yes, you can find out why someone is in jail by checking the inmate’s booking information on the county sheriff’s website or contacting the inmate’s information line.

When Can I Visit an Inmate?

Visitation at the Hamilton County Justice Center is by appointment only. Visitors must schedule their visit at least 24 hours in advance and must pass a criminal background check. Visiting hours are from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Friday and from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm on weekends.

You can also schedule a remote visit for $5.99 plus taxes and fees. However, inmates are restricted to up to three remote visits daily. Visits can only last a maximum of 20 minutes. Anyone requesting an on-site visit will do so at the Talbert house, located at 1617 Reading Rd. in the lobby of the north building. You can bring four people to an on-site visit, including children.

Can I Post a Bond for an Inmate?

Yes, you can post a bond for an inmate at the Hamilton County Justice Center. Bail can be posted in person at the jail or through a bail bond agent.

Can I Get a Lawyer for Someone in Hamilton County Jail?

Yes, you can get a lawyer for someone in Hamilton County Jail. To get a lawyer for someone in Hamilton County Jail, you can search for local criminal defense attorneys online, ask for referrals from friends or family members, or contact the Hamilton County Bar Association for a referral.

Once you have identified a criminal defense attorney, you can schedule a consultation to discuss your loved one’s case and determine the best course of action. Since every situation is different, you should consult a lawyer about how to secure your loved one’s release and how they can meet with the accused to discuss the situation.

Arrested in Hamilton County: Resources & Info

When you are arrested and facing criminal charges, you must protect your rights, build a strong defense, and potentially reduce the consequences of a criminal conviction. You should seek legal advice as soon as possible after an arrest to ensure the case is handled efficiently and effectively. The Cincinnati defense team at Luftman, Heck & Associates can assist with:

To schedule a free and confidential case consultation, contact us 24/7 at (513) 338-1890. Once contacted, our team can help your friend or family member secure their release from the Hamilton County jail and work on building a compelling defense strategy. This can include reviewing and challenging the evidence, negotiating a plea agreement, or fighting to reduce or dismiss charges.

Get Help from a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When your family member or loved one has been taken to the Hamilton County Jail in Cincinnati, Ohio, it is crucial to get an experienced lawyer. This can be the difference in securing a quick release and effectively defending against the charges.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys at Luftman, Heck & Associates are here to help. Contact our team for a confidential case evaluation and discuss arranging bail, potential defenses, and what’s next for your family member’s criminal case.

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