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In this blog, we publish articles and stories we believe people will find useful in the areas of criminal defense and justice, OVI / DUI and other issues we think our visitors will find useful. If you have any tips or topics you would like us to write about, please feel free to suggest article topics by email us at

Car driving during sunrise June 5th, 2023

What Is Drug Conspiracy in Ohio?

Categories: Drugs, Legal Blog

Many believe drug conspiracy charges are rare, reserved for large criminal organizations, or the stuff of movies. But Ohio takes drug conspiracy charges seriously and pursues them aggressively. Drug conspiracy occurs anytime two or more people plan a drug crime. This is considered to have…

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Felony drug deal of pharmaceuticals May 1st, 2023

When Do Ohio Drug Charges Become Felonies?

Categories: Drugs, Legal Blog

Ohio drug laws have changed significantly over the past few years, reflecting a shifting attitude toward drug crime and addiction. Like many states, Ohio has emphasized addressing drug-related issues, like dispensing less severe punishments for minor drug offenses, increasing access to expungement, and offering treatment…

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Self checkout machine April 21st, 2023

Ohio Shoplifting Charges at Self-Checkout

Categories: Legal Blog, Theft

Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes in America. And with self-checkouts becoming increasingly common in all types of retail and grocery stores, shoplifting continues to rise by 10% a year. Due to the minimal human oversight at these stations, it’s easy for someone…

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Glass of amber alcohol next to car keys and gavel April 10th, 2023

FAQs about Ohio DUI Classes

Categories: DUI

A DUI can be intimidating, with consequences like jail and hefty fines. However, there are alternatives to jail time for a DUI, including Ohio DUI classes. These driver intervention programs help people improve their safety knowledge and skills while giving drivers a second chance. Common…

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