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Did you catch the eye of the Mason police? Are they investigating you for a crime? Have you already been arrested and charged? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need to contact a Mason criminal defense attorney with Luftman, Heck & Associates. When the police suspect you of a committing a crime, they will strive to find evidence against you – including lying to you to provoke you to say something that makes you look bad. Whether it is merely the beginning of an investigation or you have already been booked in the Warren County jail, you should have an attorney by your side.

It is never too soon to protect your rights and begin to build your defense. Call Mason criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene of Luftman, Heck & Associates at (513) 338-1890 to schedule your free and confidential consultation right away.

Assault in Ohio

When you hear of someone being charged with assault, you think of someone who was part of a fight. Angry words may have turned into shoving, which may have led to a thrown fist. While this is a classic example of an assault, Ohio law covers a broader range of behavior that could lead to this charge. Under Ohio Revised Code Section 2903.13, anyone who knowingly causes or attempts to cause danger or physical harm to another person or another person’s unborn child is guilty of assault. You can also be found guilty of assault if you recklessly cause danger or serious physical harm to another person or another person’s unborn child. These definitions cover both intentional and negligent behavior and circumstances in which the victim is or is not physically hurt.

If you are found guilty of assault, you can be sentenced to serve up to 6 months in jail and pay up to $1,000 in fines. However, if the victim of your actions was a law enforcement officer, you will be charged with a fourth-degree felony, punishable by up to 18 months in prison and $5,000 in fines. Assaulting a teacher or school administrator results in a fifth-degree felony, which can be penalized by up to 6 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Warren County Aggravated Assault

If you are charged with aggravated assault it is because the prosecutors believe there were certain factors present during the situation that led to your arrest. You can be accused of aggravated assault if a fit of rage or sudden passion led you to knowingly cause danger or serious physical harm to another individual or an unborn child. Aggravated assault also arises in situations where the prosecutor has evidence that you caused or tried to cause physical harm or danger to another person or an unborn child with a deadly weapon after being provoked by a sudden passion or fit of rage.

Aggravated assault is usually charged as a fourth-degree felony. If convicted, you can be sentenced to 18 months in prison. However, if you are charged with the aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer, you face a third-degree felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Ohio Child Abuse Law

Being accused of child abuse is horrifying. Whether you are a parent, teacher, coach, child care provider or another person in children’s lives, you cannot imagine hurting them. It is because of the abhorrent nature of child abuse that authorities are constantly on the lookout for it, investigating the smallest accusations and charging individuals they suspect to be guilty – even if there is little to no proof. In Ohio, you can be charged with child abuse if law enforcement believes the child:

  • Is a victim of sexual behavior or abuse
  • Is in a dangerous situation
  • Shows evidence of a mental or physically injury that could not have come from an innocent accident
  • Has a mental or physical injury due to actions by a parent, guardian, or custodian

During a child abuse trial, prosecutors will try to prove that you:

  • Abused a child
  • Tortured a child
  • Administered a punishment that intentionally inflicted pain, which was excessive and created a substantial risk or danger or harm
  • Repeatedly administered unnecessary discipline which could lead to a mental or developmental impairment
  • Coerced or forced a child to participate in an obscene or sexual situation
  • Operated a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol while the child was in the vehicle

A first conviction for child abuse or a DUI/OVI with a child present is a first-degree misdemeanor. You can be sentenced to up to 6 months in jail and $1,000 in fines. A second or subsequent child abuse offense or a charge arising from a child’s serious injury will be a fourth-degree felony, punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Why Hire a Mason Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When you have been charged with a crime in Warren County, Ohio, you need an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the local court system. Brad Groene has years of practicing law in the Cincinnati area under his belt. He knows the judges and prosecutors, which gives him a strategic advantage in the courtroom. Not only can he build you the best defense possible under the law, but he knows what to expect from the other side.

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