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Most Violent Crimes Down in Cincinnati

Posted On: April 28th, 2017 by Bradley J. Groene

In many large cities, crime seems to be always on the rise. You constantly hear about homicides and other violent crimes. The good news is that Cincinnati has witnessed a decrease in all violent crimes except aggravated assault.

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Cincinnati Violent Crime Trends

Overall, Cincinnati has seen decreases in rape, homicide, and robbery so far this year. Rape and homicide are both down by 13 percent when compared to 2016 year-to-date and 2017 year-to-date. Robbery is down by 9 percent, with 242 cases so far this year versus 265 by this time last year.

Aggravated assault, however, is up 32 percent. There were 128 cases by this time last year. So far in 2017, there have been 169 incidents.

In District 1 (Mt. Adams, Over-the-Rhine, Pendleton, Queensgate, and the West End), there were no changes to rape, homicide, and robbery from this year to last year. Aggravated assaults, however, were up 18 percent. The three-year average – based on 28 days – for homicides is 1.67. However, in the last month, there were no homicides – a 100 percent decrease.

In District 2 (City of Cincinnati, Evanston, East Walnut Hills O’Bryonville, Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, Oakley, Madisonville, Kennedy Heights, Pleasant Ridge, East End, Columbia-Tusculum, Linwood, Mt. Washington and California), homicides increased by 100 percent, going from one incident by this time last year to two incidents so far in 2017. Rape was down by 43 percent, while robbery was down by 21 percent. Aggravated assault increased in all three areas: YTD 2016 vs. YTD 2017, 3-year average of 28 days, and 3 year average of 91 days.

In District 3 (Price Hill, East Westwood, English Woods, Millvale & Moosewood, Fairmount, Riverside, Sayler Park, Sedamsville, South Cumminsville, Roll Hill, and Westwood), all violent crimes – except for homicide – are already seeing huge increases this year. There were six homicides by this time last year, while there has been only one incident this year – an 83 percent decrease. Robbery rose by 16 percent, rape incidents rose by 27 percent, and aggravated assaults saw a 61 percent increase.

In District 4 (Mount Auburn, Corryville, Walnut Hills, Avondale, North Avondale, Paddock Hills, Bond Hill, Roselawn, Carthage, and Hartwell), all violent crimes – except robbery – saw increases so far this year. Robbery cases went down slightly, from 60 to 59 – a 2 percent decrease. Homicides increased from four to six – a 50 percent increase. Rape incidents rose 25 percent, going from eight to 10 cases so far this year. Aggravated assaults rose 18 percent, from 40 to 47 incidents.

In District 5 (Clifton Heights, University Heights, Fairview, Camp Washington, Northside, Winton Hills, Winton Place, College Hill, and Mt. Airy), all crimes decreased, except for homicide, which stayed even at two incidents. Rape decreased by 63 percent, robbery dropped 50 percent, and even aggravated assault cases decreased by 12 percent.

In the Central Business District, aggravated assaults rose from one to seven cases – a 600 percent increase. Rape cases increased by 200 percent over the three-year averages. Robbery dropped by 45 percent, while homicides stayed even at zero.

Getting Legal Help

While violent crimes rates are dropping, the courts still take these cases seriously. Have you been accused of a violent crime in Cincinnati? If so, you need a strong defense as soon as possible.

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