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He Went Above and Beyond

Posted On: March 24th, 2020 by Bradley J. Groene

I hired Brad Groene after a car accident incident, in which I was worried about doing some time because of it . When I hired him he asked me what happened and told me he would be taking care of everything. He made me feel very secure, allowing some of my worries to be relieved . Brad kept me up to date in all possible ways (phone , email and text ) , also allowing me to call him anytime with questions if I had one. He went above and beyond to help me with my case, getting my charges lowered and only having to paying court cost. Brad allowed me to live my life as he took care of everything else . Brad is highly recommended, fair , honest , and worth the cost ( very reasonable ). I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with legal issues.

Bradley Groene made an exceptionally difficult situation much easier to handle. He kept me informed of everything that was going to happen and got results for my case far better than I could have hoped for. I would highly recommend him for anyone who finds themselves in legal troubles.