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A+ Tops In My Book

Posted On: March 24th, 2020 by Bradley J. Groene

Brad is a great lawyer, he worked his butt off on my case. I was facing jail time, months or possibly a year. Brad worked extremely hard on my case and got it reduced to probation, and I was very happy with the outcome.
Brad also worked on getting driving privileges for going back and for the to work, which I am grateful and satisfied with this.
My case was a very serious one. I am so relieved and pleased with the outcome. I am very fortunate to have luck on my side when I found Brad and hired him as my attorney. Thank you, Brad.

Bradley Groene made an exceptionally difficult situation much easier to handle. He kept me informed of everything that was going to happen and got results for my case far better than I could have hoped for. I would highly recommend him for anyone who finds themselves in legal troubles.