Misdemeanor Assault Conviction Expunged

Posted On: May 1st, 2015 by Bradley J. Groene

We were recently contacted by a woman in her 30s applying for admission into a private college with an assault conviction on her criminal record. The client filed a petition with the court to have this conviction expunged from her permanent record and was denied. Fearing the loss of her ability to attend college and pursue her dream career, the client sought representation to help navigate this complicated and stressful legal process.

Brad immediately filed a new motion to expunge the assault conviction from her permanent record. The client needed the conviction removed from her record immediately as she would not be accepted into the college with the violent criminal conviction on her record, and the admissions office was doing a criminal records check within the week. The client’s case was put on the court’s docket immediately.

We were able to argue that per case law, assault is an expungeable offense even though it is considered a violent crime. The judge granted the motion to expunge. This process – from the day the client contacted Cincinnati defense lawyer Brad Groene to the day the court approved the motion to expunge – took just four days. Our no longer has to be concerned about the criminal conviction

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