Methamphetamine Lab Explosions

Posted On: May 23rd, 2016 by Bradley J. Groene

The dangers of methamphetamine use and addiction are often publicized and very well known. However, there is another danger from methamphetamines that is not as well known and can be a danger to entire neighborhoods- explosions caused by methamphetamine labs. An example of this danger was provided just last month when there was an explosion after two men attempted to make methamphetamine in a garage in a residential part of Anderson Township. The explosion severely burned both men and the force of the explosion caused neighbors to call 911.

Explosions from the manufacturing of methamphetamine are not rare occurrences, and can be deadly. A December 2014 meth lab explosion in Covington, Kentucky killed one man and a 2010 meth lab explosion in Franklin, Ohio killed three men and completely destroyed the home where the lab was located. One of the most extreme examples of the dangers of meth lab explosions occurred in Ohio in 2012 when a hidden lab on the second floor of a nursing home exploded, causing a fire in the facility that killed one man and forced all 38 of the nursing home residents to be evacuated.

Ohio is one of the states where explosions are most likely to occur due to the large number of meth labs operating in the state at any one time. The United States Drug Enforcement Agency identified 939 methamphetamine lab incidents in Ohio in 2014, which was the fourth highest total in the country.

The extreme danger caused by the volatility of the methamphetamine cooking process means that the criminal charges that are brought when a meth lab explodes are severe. The obvious charge is the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine, which is considered a 2nd Degree Felony and carries a mandatory prison term if convicted. But an explosion could also lead to a charge of aggravated arson, which is considered a 1st Degree Felony if it endangers other people. If a meth lab explosion does cause death, whoever is running the meth lab could face charges for homicide or even murder.

How Criminal Defense Lawyers in Cincinnati Can Help

The explosion of a methamphetamine lab is a violent and dangerous event. If you were associated with a meth lab explosion you could find yourself facing not just severe injuries, but also a long list of criminal charges. You will want an experienced, compassionate attorney who understands your situation and can help to defend you against serious crimes you might not have been able to foresee.

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