How To Reinstate Your License After a Cincinnati DUI

Posted On: February 3rd, 2021 by Bradley J. Groene
The Ultimate Guide to Ohio's Driver License Point System

If you are convicted of OVI – a DUI in other states – in Ohio, there was likely an administrative suspension of your license. But once you complete the terms, you’ll be eligible to get back on the road. However, this is not automatic. You’ll have to take action to get your license reinstated after your OVI suspension. Like every other Ohio driver, you’ll need insurance coverage, which may be much more expensive.

Dealing with a license suspension is always a hassle, which is why Luftman, Heck & Associates defends those accused of OVI and works to avoid suspension by fighting to have OVI cases dismissed or reduced. In any event, we’ll help protect your license, so an OVI has little impact on your life.

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How Long Will My Ohio License Be Suspended After an OVI?

Depending on the charge, your license can be suspended or revoked for six months to life. This is done through an administrative process, not the court. This is what you may face:

  • First conviction — Suspension for six months to three years
  • Second conviction — Suspension for one to five years
  • Third conviction — Suspension for two to 10 years
  • Fourth or subsequent conviction — Suspension for three years to life
  • Prior felony OVI conviction — Suspension can be for three years to life
  • First conviction Under 21 — Suspension for 90 days to two years
  • Second conviction Under 21 — Suspension for one to five years

How To Get Your Driver’s License Back

After your suspension is over, reinstatement isn’t automatic. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles will reinstate your license after you:

  • Pay a $475 reinstatement fee
  • Show proof of insurance
  • Meet all the conditions of your suspension

That insurance must at least meet the minimum coverage requirements. Insurance companies will see you as high risk and a potential danger to others, so your rate will likely increase compared to what you paid before your arrest. You will need an SR22 form from your insurance carrier stating that you’re covered to get your license back.

If you can’t pay the reinstatement fee in full, the BMV has a Driver License Reinstatement Fee Installment Plan. It’s available if you have the necessary insurance and met the conditions of your suspension. There’s a $10 fee to use the program, and you must make all payments on time.

You can go through the reinstatement process online, and your payment – check or money order with your case or license number – can be mailed to:

Ohio BMV
Attn: RE FEE
P.O. Box 16520
Columbus, OH 43216

There are also many Deputy Registrar License Agencies in Hamilton County where you can do this in person.

Luftman, Heck & Associates Can Help

By retaining an experienced attorney, you can avoid costly delays by ensuring you follow the right process and work with the correct office. If your license is suspended because of an OVI and you have questions about what you’ll need to do, contact our office.

We can discuss your current suspension and see if you qualify for limited driving privileges. We can also go over the BVM reinstatement requirements to make sure you comply so you can get your license back without delays.

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