Butler County Common Pleas Court

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Court Information

If you were arrested and charge in Butler County, then that is where your case is likely to take place. The Butler County Common Pleas Court handles most criminal charges, particularly felony charges brought by prosecutors in the county.

Prosecutor(s) Michael T. Gmoser

The court also has a number of judges including: J. Gregory Howard, Jennifer Muench-McElfresh, Michael A. Oster Jr., Charles L. Pater, Noah E. Powers II, Keith M. Spaeth, Gregory S. Stephens.

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315 High Street
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
PH: (513) 785-6550
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Butler County Ohio

Butler County Common Pleas Court

Court Process Information

The Butler County Common Pleas Court is located at the Government Services Center at 315 High Street, Hamilton, Ohio 45011. To get to the court, you must enter through the building’s second-floor security area, then head to the third or fourth floor. If you need to reach the court, you can contact it at (513) 785-6550. However, if you have questions regarding your case, how to appear in court, and what to expect, it is best to address your questions to a Butler County criminal defense lawyer.

In addition to criminal matters, The Butler County Common Pleas Court also has several specialty courts, which are intended to help offenders with specific needs and to enable the court system to be more efficient. The specialty courts include Court Directed Addiction Treatment (CDAT or Drug Court), Substance Abuse and Mental Illness (SAMI), Felony Non-Support (FNS) Docket, and Veterans Treatment Court (VTC). To have your case hear in one of these courts, speak with your Butler County criminal defense lawyer about applying to a specific specialty court.

Advice for Appearing at the Butler County Common Pleas Court

At Luftman, Heck & Associates, our Cincinnati criminal defense lawyers understand how stressful going to court can be. We are here to help you every step of the way, including preparing to head to court. Here are some tips we suggest following to ease the burden of appearing in court:

  • Plan your transportation. You should know where the court is located and how you will get there. Will you drive or have someone drive you? Do you need to use public transportation or call a taxi or ridesharing service? Whatever your mode of transportation, know when you need to leave your home to get there about 30 minutes before your hearing time.
  • Plan what to wear. When you must appear before a judge in court, you want to put your best foot forward. Wear something you might wear to a job interview, such as slacks and a dress shirt or blouse. You may prefer wearing a skirt or dress. Wear something you are comfortable in, though we recommend erring on the side of a conservative rather than casual outfit.
  • Do not bring firearms or other weapons. You must go through security when you arrive at the courthouse. You should not have anything on you that could be used as a weapon, such as a knife or mace. You may not bring firearms into a courthouse either.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help. You may find the courthouse intimidating, but there are usually many individuals around willing to help. If you are not sure of where to go, where to sit, or what to do, do not be afraid to politely ask for help.
  • Speak with an attorney beforehand. We highly recommend that you work with an attorney in regard to your criminal case. Your lawyer will have prepared you for your court appearance, including what to expect in the courtroom and whether or not you will need to speak.

Let Our Butler County Criminal Defense Lawyers Help You

Our criminal defense attorneys at Luftman, Heck & Associates are experienced in Butler County cases. We are well versed in the local rules of the court as well as the unspoken customs. We know how bail is handled, when and where to file documents for your case, how pretrial hearings function, and how to conduct discovery in Butler County cases. We know the ins and outs of the court processes so that you do not have to. We also have relationships with many of the judges and other court officials. By knowing the judges, and how they typically rule, we know what to expect in your case and can plan ahead.

If you have been arrested in Butler County and charged with a crime, you should speak with an experienced Cincinnati criminal defense attorney. Our team at Luftman, Heck & Associates is ready to help you through the criminal court process. Call us at (513) 338-1890 or email us at to schedule a free consultation.

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