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Man Avoids Domestic Violence Conviction

Recently, a man ran into a very stressful legal situation after an argument with his wife resulted in police intervention and domestic violence charges. While the two had a contentious relationship that involved some previous unfounded accusations, this time the charges progressed and he could now be fined up to $1,000, possibly spend up to six months in jail, and perhaps worst of all be unfairly labeled by his permanent criminal record. The man was vehement that he had not done anything wrong and decided to fight the charges with a skilled Ohio attorney from Luftman, Heck & Associates.

Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer Brad Groene moved quickly to handle his client’s concerns. By using his considerable experience in domestic violence situations, attorney Groene thoroughly reviewed the evidence and prepared to refute the allegations. Attorney Groene negotiated with the prosecutor and highlighted the state’s lack of evidence to facilitate a dismissal. Ultimately, his client was free to return home without a glaring domestic violence conviction attached to his criminal record.

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