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Felony Charges Dismissed for Out of State Victim of Mistaken Identity

Being falsely accused of something is always difficult, but when allegations extend further and you find yourself charged with a crime, suddenly it’s more than your reputation at stake. If this happens, it is important to remember that this is not a situation that just anyone can handle. In fact, it’s best to consult a capable criminal defense lawyer, who can efficiently and skillfully navigate the process on your behalf.

Not long ago, a man from Miami, Florida was shocked to learn a warrant was issued for his arrest based on charges in Hamilton County, Ohio for felony theft and felony misuse of a credit card. Despite his claims that he had never been to Cincinnati, the man was taken to Ohio where he faced substantial imprisonment. The man vehemently professed his innocence, but knew that if he was going to prevail, he would need the services of a skilled Cinncinatti criminal defense lawyer and retained Brad Groene with Luftman, Heck, and Associates.

Although the prosecution was originally uninterested in listening to his client’s claims of innocence, attorney Groene tenaciously represented this client through numerous meetings and was eventually able to secure details of the alleged incident, including the precise time and date. Attorney Groene was then able to produce an alibi witness for his client and supporting documentation confirming that he was in Miami, Florida when the theft took place. It became apparent that his client was the victim of identity theft and these bad acts were actually committed by someone else. Subsequently, all of the charged against his client were dismissed and he was free to resume his life due to the unyielding efforts of attorney Brad Groene.

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