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Top 10 Tips for a Safe Halloween

Categories: DUI, Legal Blog

Halloween is a time for fun games, costumes, and parties, not just for kids, but for adults too. It can be relaxing to spend the weekend dressing up in creative costumes and sharing some drinks with friends. Unfortunately, Halloween celebrations can often get out of…

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How Common is DNA Evidence?

Categories: Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

It’s the time of year when fall shows are starting back up, and if you watch any TV at all, you probably can name at least several popular crime-solving shows. These shows are great for making people aware of their rights when arrested, which is…

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OVI enforcement patrols hit I-75

Categories: DUI, Legal Blog, OVI, Traffic

Drivers on Interstate 75 this weekend should be on the lookout for Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers. The OHSP is participating in a multi-state high-visibility enforcement initiative that stretches along I-75 from Michigan to Florida. Officers in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia also will be participating…

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Collateral Damage from Criminal Convictions

Categories: Legal Blog

A criminal conviction can have a serious impact on a person’s life for years. While some consequences such as jail time, probation requirements, and fines are easy to identify, many are not as clear-cut. These indirect, collateral damages not assigned by the court can often…

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Restaurant Manager’s Marijuana Charges Reduced

Categories: 2014, Drugs, May

Recently, a local restaurant manager in his mid-20s was in his car when he was pulled over for a traffic violation. Subsequent to the stop, the police officer noticed a small amount of marijuana as well as a bowl. He was charged with marijuana possession…

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